Collaboration within the event industry.


The 2018 neifair is based on collaboration within the industry in other for things to be different and more forward looking than ever.

Neifair2018 enligntened people on the benefit of working together as an industry.



  • Mrs Shirley (Ceo Primeshades Ghana)
  • Mrs Bola Okolie (Ceo Bonix Drinks)
  • Mrs Izore Helen (Ceo Ruru World Events)
  • Mr Sola Oyebade (Ceo Mahogany International)
  • Mr Fabunmi Olukayode (Ceo Business Law Clinic)
  • Mrs Adefunke Kuyoro (Ceo TWCEvents)
  • Tolu Omidiji (Ceo 19.8 Drinks & Bar)
  • Mrs Ibidunni Ighodalo (Ceo Elizabeth R Empire)
  • Mr Abiodun Oniyitan (Ceo Biobev Limited)


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