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To take FULL advantage of our NEI Mega Ads, we advice you become a registered member of NEI in order to list your business in our membership directory and showcase your listing in our Trusted & Reliable Listing Exhibition. 

Details to be submitted for Adverts Packages:

1. For Big Header Banner Ads – 900pixel width by 550pixel height (Image only and writeups AND URL)

2. For Frontpage Flyer Advert : 600pixel width by 900pixel height (Flyer only)

3. For Trusted & Reliable Listing Exhibition: (Listing User ID)
4. For Top Page Listing Advert: (Listing User ID )
5. For Sidebar Advert: 300pixel width by 300pixel height (flyer and URL)
6. For Marketplace Exhibition: 900pixel width by 600pixel height (flyer and writeups )