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As an event manager, it’s absolutely your responsibility to make sure that your special event runs smoothly and with as few hitches as humanly possible.

B Events Logistics compiled 5 Essential Event Planning Tips to Avoid a Disastrous Special Event.


1. Bad communication –
This is probably the most common mistake made by inexperienced event planners and is one to be avoided at all costs as bad communication can literally spell disaster.
Pay attention to detail and communicate effectively with both your internal event team and your suppliers.

2. Poor or missing contingency planning –
Things are likely to go wrong in the lead up to and of course during your upcoming special event.
A professional event planner should think ahead, identify the potential for things to go wrong and have good contingency planning in place.

3. Inadequate transportation –
Are you absolutely sure that the transportation you’ve organized to get delegates and presenters to and from your event is adequate? It’s important to check in the weeks leading up to your event and even (at the last minute) on the day of the event itself that all your transportation requirements are adequately met.

4. Lack of clear signage –
There is nothing more frustrating for delegates than attending a special event and being unsure or confused about where the next presentation or demonstration is being held.
Make sure that you display adequate signage that is easily read and understood.

5. Inadequate staff on hand 
On the day of your special event you will likely be dealing with a very large number of attendance
. Don’t make the mistake of relying on just one or two individuals to deal with delegate’s questions or concerns.

You can always trust B event Logistics to handle your next Event.

Credit: the balance.