industry.industry. 1. Welcome to NigEventIndustry

NigEventIndustry is a platform created for all specialists, participants and business professionals in the events industry to seek an avenue for stronger ties and relationships amongst themselves for their individual and collective growth through cooperation and collaboration. 

2. Using our Services

We provide adequate services such as business listing and booking vendors to enable all our users gain recognition in the industry without any form of struggles. Our services is made available to every industries and event industry in particular. We have different sections such as ICT and more that could also benefit all our members.

3. Access to the Services

We grant access to members who only register on our platform and shows active or reliable business dealings to ascertain the provision of customers with trusted vendors and professionals. We also give access to all our members to participate or feature in our seasonal programs to boost their business transactions and meet with experts in the industry.

4. Payment Terms

All payments made are payable only to Nigeventindustry company -Nigeventindustry Ent. Also, all payments made by customers are not refundable after service has been purchased. Refunds are only predictable base on the admin verdicts on transactions. Therefore, all customers and vendors must ensure that payments are made accordingly on NEI platform.

Ensure that your payments to NEI account is TRACKED & CONFIRMED through NEI Track and Upgrade Form Here